Shopping for male cologne can be a difficult task. Every year hundreds of new aftershaves, colognes, and now even perfumes, are being launched for males. Let us face it, most men do not actually want to spend a hour in a perfume counter being bombarded with hundreds of gentle perfumes being sold by pushy sales staff. This list presents to you a selection of ten of the best men's fragrances currently available. Created in 1988, Cool Water is among the most successful modern male aftershaws and, subsequently, probably the most copied. It had been the first perfume to overdose a brand new lavender chemical called dihydromyrcenol which is so loved by women and men alike that it's now in thousands of perfumes. Another comparable, but costlier scent with an enormous following in the niche fragrance market is Green Irish Tweed by Creed and if you're wanting something even less affordable and rare than both of those, you cannot go wrong with Chez Bond by Bond No 9. You may also check out the full range of Davidoff, Creed, and Bond No 9 perfumes. It manages to offer all the perfume notes of cologne, but an overdose of dry wood in the base manages to turn it into something rich and unique. This fragrance has been relegated to the inexpensive low countertop shelves of perfumery and it's a parody that it is so, but it's also a blessing in a certain way: you get an extremely inexpensive fragrance that many people won't recognize, but with a quality that shines and longevity that's frequently absent in modern fragrances. For an expensive, but undoubtedly more modern alternative that's proving very popular among these men with more money to spare than most, try Tom Ford's super luxurious Italian Cypress.

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