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Calvin Klein is one of the most recognized brands in the fashion industry today. Despite going through troubled times at the turn of the century, they have recouped and are currently one of the most profitable firms in the business with a turnover of $5 billion a year.

Now owned by Philips Van Heusen, their fragrances line was licensed by Coty in 2005. The variety and depth of the Calvin Klein fragrances have made the brand a legend in this department. Recently, Calvin Klein has experimented with the novel (and peculiar) idea of putting an MP3 player and a speaker as packaging for their perfumes "CK One" and "CK be"!

Calvin Klein Fragrances

Calvin Klein can well be credited with producing some of the most well known fragrance brands in history. Along with that, they also pioneered the way perfume itself is marketed by relating certain scents to certain ideas like "sexy" and "bold".

The perfume lines of Calvin Klein are unique in that each brand has many sub variations and within that, there are separate lines for men and women as well. This is in contrast to many other perfume retailers where signature brands generally have just one sub variation and male and female bisection.

Calvin Klein Perfume Lines


In 1985, Calvin Klein's first smash hit fragrance was released called "Obsession". With massive advertising along with "scent strips" in magazines, the fragrance was a runaway hit. The brand also sports the "Obsession Night" variation for men and women. Obsession was a very strong scent keeping in line with the times and is still extremely provocative and lives up to it's name.

Calvin Klein Man

This one appeals to the image of the confident man with a great physique who is willing to take what he wants and is supremely self confident. With the image of the superb model Garret, Calvin Klein set he world on fire with this perfume.


The ultimate "Sexy" perfume, this line was released in three different flavors, namely Euphoria "Blossom", Euphoria "Intense", and the regular Euphoria line for men and women. The first was for women, and the second for men. With an intense blooming and airy sexiness, the advertisement for Euphoria "Blossom" was scintillating to say the least.


As opposed the brute sexiness of Euphoria, Eternity created the image of timeless love. The commercials depict a couple in love from the time they were children with music designed to evoke memories and a feeling of lasting forever - for eternity in fact.

The line comes in 5 different variations including those such as "Purple Orchid" and "Rose Blush", both of which came in limited editions.


Standing for "Calvin Klein in to you", and released in separate variations for men and women, this depicted the intense fire of instant fixation with a stranger. Meant for younger couples free from restrictions, this fragrance was an instant hit.

Bottom line

The Calvin Klein line is well themed and it's obvious to anyone who watches their adverts who their intended audience is. Mixing classy fragrances with newer ones is something they excel at.

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