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With your help we can make a difference.

With your help we can make a difference. 0

At Lucky Fragrance, we feel blessed. Our customers not only empower us to provide high quality products and run a fantastic business—our customers are helping children in need all over the world.
Our founder’s life was changed forever when he learned that his daughter was going to require special needs. This was not only a chance to make her life better—this was a chance to change the lives of so many children just like her.
That’s why Lucky Fragrance has started our Make a Difference campaign—to support epilepsy awareness all throughout November during Epilepsy Awareness Month.
Through the incredible campaign, your support and donations, along with proceeds from every Lucky Fragrance sale will go towards making sure special needs children have access to all the resources they need to live long, happy and healthy lives.
This includes handicap access, educational tools and programs, medical resources, companionship and donations to families with special needs children, and more. Together, we can all make a difference.
All it takes are companies like Lucky Fragrance to commit to making a better world, and customers like you who are willing to help make dreams come true.
To donate to our Make a Difference campaign, go online to LuckyFragrance.com, today!
For the Seductress that Comes Out Every Halloween – Wear a Fragrance that Enamors All the Ghoulish Fiends

For the Seductress that Comes Out Every Halloween – Wear a Fragrance that Enamors All the Ghoulish Fiends 0

It’s a spooky time of year, and at Lucky Fragrance, we’re not as afraid of the dark as we are the devious troubles that lurk therein. 

Every Halloween, we see all kinds of scary frights—nurses, witches, vampires and more. And with them come the famous, dead celebrities that we all dread—Elvis, Kurt Cobain, Frank Sinatra, and every artistic soul of the past.

What do vixens, frights and dead celebrities have in common? Even in the afterlife, they have a smell of seduction. That’s why, at Lucky Fragrance, you can find the scent that will complete your Halloween costume.

Check out our wealth of fragrances at low, low prices. There’s a scent for everyone, and only at Lucky Fragrance can you find signature scents, perfumes and colognes that match your style—without popping for the freighting costs of brand name sprays that will make any fearful soul turn white.

So, be fearless this Halloween, and make your entire aura a fright to be seen. Order your scent from Lucky Fragrance, and make Halloween more than just a mask. Your fragrance or cologne will pull people in—so you can scare them out of their wits.

Find all your favorite fragrances and colognes right here at Lucky Fragrance.

Making life better for children everywhere 0

When we founded Lucky Fragrance, we were committed to helping people find quality

products at competitive prices. But our drive to help people goes much deeper—so much

so that every penny of profit we make goes towards the health and well-being of children

with disabilities all across the country. The founder of Lucky Fragrance was blessed to have

a beautiful little girl in his life. She needed a little extra help in her life, and she inspired him

to spread love and care to children everywhere just like her.

Lucky Fragrance is much more than the best products on the market. We’re a humanitarian

effort about love, encouragement, and making life better for children everywhere.

Helping hands in Mankato FreePress 0

Father of disabled child fundraising for similar families

By Amanda Dyslin

Special to The Free Press

ST. PETER – Kylie MaeJoy Spurling is a sweet and beautiful 10-year-old. The apple of her father Travis Spurling’s eye.

Like any father, he loves her, wants the best for her, would do anything for her. But unlike most fathers, he’s had to work a lot harder to make sure Kylie gets what she needs.

Kylie’s severe epilepsy started at 3 months old. She was having 80 to 100 seizures a day, and her parents and doctors tried everything. Admitted to St. Paul Children’s Hospital for six months, she underwent a battery of tests and was put into a medically induced coma to reset her brain. They even tried special diets. Nothing worked.

Kylie’s scoliosis set in after the seizures. Cognitively, she developed to an 8-month-old level. She became wheelchair-bound, where she always will remain.

“It was extremely hard,” said Spurling of St. Peter, looking back on the early stages of his daughter’s diagnosis. “She can’t walk, can’t crawl. It’s like a vegetative state. She is able to look at you and do baby noises, but other than that, nothing.”

Coupled with the difficulty of coping with his daughter’s medical needs came the anxiety of finances. He had been the manager of Payless and had to take leave for the six months Kylie was at Children’s Hospital. He later worked at the Verizon Wireless call center, but Kylie’s needs made working too difficult.

Now the government-funded Consumer Directed Community Supports program pays for Kylie’s home staffing, including Spurling and a registered nurse. This allows him to be home with his daughter.

The freedom and flexibility the program allows has been enormously helpful, he said. But as he’s navigated the complicated roads of government-funded programs for those with disabilities, he’s noticed that there are things that aren’t covered.

“Like, for example, (Medical Assistance) won’t pay for a certain kind of syringe that would be much easier for parents,” Spurling said. “There are just certain things that make your life easier and make your kid’s life easier that aren’t covered.”

Some kids with disabilities are soothed by music. Some need art supplies for school. There are hundreds of little things that families with work-based incomes may not realize are little luxuries for those with children with special needs.

This gave Spurling an idea. A couple of years ago he had started an online business called KMS Wholesale, which sold home décor items. He’d buy the products at a discount and have them shipped at a higher purchase price to consumers. About 90 percent of the profits went to St. Paul Children’s Hospital and Gillette Children’s, and the other 10 percent went to the cost of the website.

None of the money went to the Spurlings. He simply wanted to give back.

“After that, Kylie started getting extremely sick, and I was unable to fully commit to the website,” he said.

Now that Kylie is stable again, Spurling got another such website going again at LuckyFragrance.com, this time focusing just on fragrances. And instead of directing proceeds to the children’s hospitals, he decided to focus all proceeds on helping other families with disabled children.

“I started thinking about all the other families out there I’ve been seeing – all these families that the county won’t help get them certain things because they are not medically necessary,” Spurling said.

On Facebook, Spurling has contacted administrators of support groups of families with disabled children. Families fill out a form with the items they need and a shipping address, and Spurling fundraises to fill the orders through both sales on LuckyFragrance.com and private donors.

He’s just getting started, but he’s already shipped school supplies for physical and occupational therapy, books, art supplies, therapy putty and a Disney CD.

“Music really helps some of them to relax,” he said. “I also got her a pink doll. The girl likes her pink.”

A mom of another boy contacted Spurling about how much music relaxes him, too.

“And insurance companies won’t buy that. They say a drug will do the same thing,” Spurling said. “A lot of parents believe what I do: We don’t want to drug our kids up if we don’t have to.”

One of Spurling’s most special moments came several weeks ago when he personally delivered a wooden swing set to a family with 15 children, 14 of whom have disabilities.

“My heart completely dropped for them,” he said.

Spurling said having Kylie has made him stronger, but at the same time he knows how difficult it can be to be a parent of a child with disabilities. He just wants to do something to make their lives easier.

“I’m in the same boat,” he said. “As a parent, you want to do everything you can for your kid.”

Get Lucky on Black Friday 0

Before we dive into the enamoring and enticing landscape that is the wealth of fragrances that Lucky Fragrance designs and procures for their customers, we’re going to stop for a moment and bring up something that we feel is understated.

When you think of Black Friday, what do you think of first? Do you think of long lines filled with sweltering people packed together and waiting for the doors to burst open?

We’re willing to bet you do. If you’ve been in there, does that pack of people have a good scent? No? Well, we’re not surprised. Why would you put yourself through all that stress and pain just to rush into your mall’s trenches of department stores and find a fragrance you like? 

Why not find a fragrance you love from the comfort of your own home—on LuckyFragrance.com.

This Black Friday, Lucky Fragrance is giving customers the lowest, lowest, lowest prices on all our gift sets, perfume, cologne, travel packages, solid perfumes and more. We’ll also be lowering the prices of our skincare products, makeup products, hard to find exclusives and celebrity scents. 

Finding the fragrances, perfumes and colognes you love is easier than you think—and you can kiss those Black Friday headaches goodbye.

Wear the scents of luxury at LuckyFragrance.com.

Why use a fragrance or cologne that leaves you wanting more? 0

Nature has a way of enamoring our sense and provoking us to remember our most outstanding experiences and sensations—with a single scent.

If that’s the truth—then why are so many colognes and perfumes lackluster, and smell like they weren’t worth the price we paid for them. 

You wouldn’t buy rotting fruit, would you?

You wouldn’t build a house with rotting wood, would you?

Then why use a fragrance or cologne that leaves you wanting more?

That’s why LuckyFragrance.com is empowering customers with genuine fragrances that ignite the senses just like the most powerful forces in nature—and all for costs that make you feel rewarded every time you use them.

Plus, with LuckyFragrance.com, if you find that the perfume or cologne you buy isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Let us know and we will do what we can to make sure your happy. With LuckyFragrance.com you can get reward points towards free products.

For every dollar you spend, you get a point. Rise through the ranks to become a gold-tier point-holder and get the best of the best 100% for free.

That smells like a wonderful option.

It’s no wonder Lucky Fragrance is on the precipice of going world-wide.

Shop with Lucky Fragrance today and part of your purchase will go towards Minnesota special needs individuals.

Find the fragrance, perfume or cologne that you were always destined to wear—for a price that you can easily bear.

Lucky Fragrance—scents from your wildest imagination. Go online to LuckyFragrance.com, today!